Why You Need A CRM Consultant with Sales and Marketing Experience

question_markThe WHO is just as important as the WHAT in CRM.

  • The WHO: the Partner working with you to design and implement CRM
  • The WHAT: the design and use of CRM.

CRM can encompass many different WHATs.  It is designed to be flexible and easily customizable to fit with any business model and any marketing and sales strategy.  There are other articles in this blog and on the Internet that can speak to the varied WHATS of CRM. 

This article focuses on the other KEY piece to designing and implementing a successful CRM system: the partner with marketing and sales experience.

You might ask why would I want a Partner who understands Marketing and Sales when you say that CRM can fit any business model with its flexibility and customizations?  Because the customizations in CRM are really that easyAny good CRM consultant and developer can customize CRM.  However, how many developers and consultants do you know who understand the methods and strategies of Marketing and Sales?  And isn’t CRM a sales and marketing tool?

As the Director of Marketing for AccuNet, Inc. for the past six years, I’ve designed and executed many campaigns, worked closely with the sales team and their goals, and created engaging customer retention  programs.  Some of my campaigns have been huge successes like the one that won the Microsoft Distinction in Marketing Award in  2009, and other campaigns haven’t been that successful and so I needed to retool and retest the campaign in mid-execution to get the results I needed to help meet the company’s sales goals.

This marketing and sales experience gives me greater understanding into a client’s CRM needs and strategies.  Not only do I understand the WHAT of CRM and all it can do, but I can make sense of a highly flexible CRM so it addresses the specific needs of the customer’s sales and marketing strategy.  This is where the design document phase comes in.  A good design document will outlines your sales and marketing strategy and how CRM will support that strategy (see my two previous blog entries about the Design Document Phase: Diving Into CRM and Bringing the Stakeholders to the Table).

If you want a true sales and marketing CRM system, wouldn’t you want a sales and marketing CRM specialist?  Keep this in mind when you are thinking about a CRM system. 

Contact Jennifer LuPiba at jlupiba@accu.com or at 614.899.9900 x 111.


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