AccuNet’s Preferred Antivirus – ESET NOD32

AccuNet is currently in the process of changing over our Network Service Plan Customers from Symantec’s antivirus products to a solution from ESET called NOD32.  AccuNet has based this decision on industry testing results as well as our own testing in-house.  NOD32 has a smaller footprint than Symantec products so that it will take up less processing power, which will result in improved performance from your workstation.  In addition, NOD32 has proven to be more effective at keeping viruses, spyware, and other unwanted malware from infecting computers.  As an added bonus, it is at a lower price point than Symantec products.

When your Symantec subscription is up for renewal you will receive 2 quotes – one to renew your existing Symantec antivirus and one to change to NOD32.  AccuNet strongly recommends moving to NOD32 to keep your network secure.

Contact Chris Tisdale at 614.899.9900 x118 or Brian Crist at x113 with any questions. Read more about ESET here.


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