President’s Rant

 Business owners and managers today have to be efficiency experts. The balance of cost savers and money makers is never constant. We all read books like “Good to Great”, “Category of One” and “Right People on the Bus” that teach us to be better and more efficient or someone else will take our customers.

Over the last 20 years as I work with small business owners here are the common mistakes I see business owners make with their business network.

  1. I do it myself to save money. The mistake here is costly. You are the most valuable resource at your company, why are tinkering with the network? First as the business owner your value to the company in sales, leadership and vision to the company could be as high as $250 to many thousands of dollars per hour when the service could be bought for as little as $500 per month. If you bring in one more deal, save one unhappy customer, come up with one good service idea; what is that worth to the company compared with removing viruses or figuring out what why a backup will not work? I will only mention getting home earlier to keep your family happy.
  2. One of my employee’s does it. This is a mistake for the same reasons as number one, with another down side. The employee is not an IT professional and as one person working on your network will never be as good as a typical IT professional that works on over a hundred networks a year. That IT professional is also part of a team so he can share in the experience of a pool of professionals. Also consider this, that employee has access to your confidential information, customer lists, accounting records. That employee also can see what other employees are doing on the internet and can see their e-mails.
  3. My friend, brother, cousin or child does it. The friend often has a real job and moon lights on your network. That means any network problem you have waits until the weekend or after hours. Most businesses today are out of business without their computers. Think of the lost productivity, lost potential business and unhappy employees. The friend suffers from the same disadvantage of all moon lighters. They do this part time, they never get really good at their craft and if they are good, they get stale quickly. Finally when they get another job and leave for California or parts unknown, you are left with a patched up network that will take anyone time and money to figure out and support. Most IT companies will come to your business and do a free assessment, we call ours the 10 point check up. I encourage you to improve your business and in most cases actually save hard dollars with an IT professional. Try our 10 Point Check Up yourself.

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