Beware – Internet Security 2010 Is A VIRUS

The Network Team at AccuNet wants you to be aware of a new counterfeit security tool for Windows called Internet Security 2010.  This VIRUS commonly promotes itself as an antivirus and protection software.  IT IS A VIRUS.

SCENARIO: A program will pop up on your computer and tell you that your computer is infected.  If a person were to believe this is real and download their solution, they are downloading a virus.  Internet Security 2010 will DISABLE your antivirus programs and try to render all options to remove this program useless. 

If your computer has been infected for a period of time then the computer will slow significantly and possibly begin to freeze up about every 10 minutes or so.  Possibly not even letting you log in anymore as well.  Lastly, it will eventually disable your internet connection.

SOLUTION: Contact AccuNet to remove this program as soon as you are aware that your computer is infected. The sooner you have this virus off your computer and your network the better.

SECURITY 101: If you believe your computer is infected from this or because a window pops up and says your computer is infected, contact AccuNet first.  Fake antivirus software is similar to phishing scams that try to trick you into giving away key financial information.  This virus will try to trick you into downloading it by playing on your fears that your computer might be at risk.  If you are at all concerned, contact AccuNet’s Network Team here or call them at 614-899-9900.


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