Microsoft Dynamics CRM – A Salesperson’s Best Friend, Part 1

Every successful salesperson has their ‘go to’ tools like Google, Manta, or LinkedIn that help them throughout the sales process.  However, my favorite tool is Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  In this series I will share with you several time-saving features I like about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it benefits me and our company.

Part 1 – Sales Review 

One of the most dreaded aspects of any salesperson’s week is the weekly sales meeting.  Most of the time, it’s just a rote review of what opportunities are in the pipeline, what closed that week, what’s looking promising for the next three months, and what we expect to close in the next week or so.  In addition, the salesperson may have to be accountable for the calls, visits, and other activity generated against prospects that week as well as activity for the week coming up.  A lot of preparation goes into that meeting – at least an hour or two to develop the spreadsheet that shows your projections, amass all the notes on the calls you made that week, details of meetings, and what’s going on next week. 

Luckily, CRM gives me a way to keep all of those categories managed throughout the week so that my sales manager can review real-time information on what activity I’m working on, what revenue I’m generating, and what he can expect to close without even meeting with me!  Our weekly meeting went from a dull boring review of my activity to focusing on areas where I’m running into problems, helping me get training on things I need help on, and figuring out new and innovative ideas to stimulate my sales process. 

The next part in this series will focus on all of the activity that I can document through CRM that saves me time, makes me more productive, and leads to more sales- Part 2.


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