Anti-SPAM ROI Moment–$74,314.80 Savings

Halliday Lumber specializes in manufacturing high quality hardwood pallets and dimensioned hardwood lumber.  However, it seems that the world’s spammers have other ideas on how Halliday should spend their work day – receiving, sorting, and being potentially harmed by the malicious email spammers send.  Here are  a few stats:

  • Halliday Lumber receives on average 6,283 emails per day
  • Only 1.11% or 70 emails are valid emails from customers and vendors.
  • 98.57% are SPAM.
  • Assume it takes 10 seconds to process an email per user, then that’s 4 hours per user each day to process email.  Assume the user earns $12 an hour and there are 4 users, then Halliday is losing $206.43 a day just by user time spent filtering through email. That’s $74,314.80 a year in lost productivity (based on 360 days – SPAM doesn’t take weekends).
  • The technology expenses associated with spam, such as the amount of time wasted by the email servers in processing all the spam emails and the amount of time IT support spends battling SPAM, only go up.

But Halliday doesn’t see those 6,193 that are SPAM because they have opted for SecurenceMail.  For just dollars per month, Halliday Lumber doesn’t have to wade through the potentially dangerous SPAM messages.  With Securence, Halliday Lumber receives just those emails that are safe and legitimate and they are comforted that SecurenceMail has the lowest number of false positives, which means the emails that need to get through do get through.

“When I get that report I am amazed at what tries to invade us,” says Melanie Vince, Office Manager.  “I would hate to see what kind of mess we would be in if all that stuff got through.”

With SecurenceMail, Halliday Lumber doesn’t have to even worry about all that SPAM hitting their email server – potentially overwhelming the server or exposing it to the viruses in many of these SPAM messages. 

Contact Kristy Rogers at AccuNet to talk more about the affordable protection of SecurenceMail – 614.899.9900 x 123.

General costs of spam

  • Overhead: The costs and overhead of electronic spamming include bandwidth, developing or acquiring an email/wiki/blog spam tool, taking over or acquiring a host/zombie, etc.
  • Transaction cost: The incremental cost of contacting each additional recipient once a method of spamming is constructed, multiplied by the number of recipients.
  • Risks: Chance and severity of legal and/or public reactions, including damages and punitive damages
  • Damage: Impact on the community and/or communication channels being spammed

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