How to Add a Person to Your CustomerSource VOICE Account.

If you want to add one of your SL users to VOICE so that they have access to CustomerSource and E-Learning, then follow these steps.

1)      Once you have access to Customer Source, you can link over to VOICE from the Home Page:

2)      Under the “Organization” tree click on “All Professionals”:

3)      Click on the “Add New Professional” Button.

4)      Fill in the necessary profile information.  Please note that you need to check the “Send an Invitation Email to set up Account” box at the bottom of the page so that the professional you are adding receives an email from VOICE that invites him/her to associate Windows Live ID login credentials to Customer Source/Voice (If you are not sure how to setup a Windows Live ID contact Steve Williams at ).  Once the information is complete, click save to complete the addition.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Williams at 614-899-9900 ext. 122 or


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