Dynamics Customers, Meet Stephen!

You may have seen a name pop up on your email, in conversations with your AccuNet consultant, on this blog OR even on your phone – Stephen Williams.

Stephen has been with AccuNet for two years working in the background with our inside and outside sales team, managing quotes and invoices, monitoring maintenance plan renewal dates, communicating with Microsoft existing customer promotions internally and generally ensuring a clean and smooth process for both the sales team and the customer. 

Now he’s moving into a more proactive role with our customers to show them the resources they already own with a current maintenance plan.  Stephen will be calling each of our Dynamics Customers to connect them with the free training in CustomerSource and provide them with the latest Dynamics product news.  Stephen is here to help our customers take advantage of what they already own and extend the benefits of their Microsoft Dynamics system.

Steve has worked with many of the third party add products for Dynamics.  If you are every wondering if there is a better way to do something with Dynamics, Steve can probably suggest some options.  He can get you data sheets, arrange demos, and get pricing to help you evaluate the third party add ons.

To contact Stephen Williams to review your maintenance plan, the untapped benefits and/or about any third-party products to extend your solution, email him at swilliams@accu.com or call him at 614.899.9900 x 122.


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