The iPad and Why Its Not Meant for Businesses

Apple announced that is sold 300,000 iPads in its first day.  That’s huge!  But is the Apple iPad meant for business use or is it just a fun gadget?

Our client’s have been asking us if the iPad will work with their business.  We did some research and found these issues that anyone considering an iPad for business use MUST be made aware:

  1. The iPad uses the iPhone 3.2 Operating System – its not even Apple’s X OS.  Because the iPad is basically a version of the iPhone you only have the option of downloading those applications in the iTunes App Store.  If you were to buy the Lenovo Tablet you would have the power of Windows 7 and all the business applications that are compatible with Microsoft.
  2. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) cannot be installed onto the iPad.  Again, you can only download those business applications that are in the iTunes App Store – making this device more expensive than it at first appears.
  3. No USB Ports.  This means you can’t upload files from a flash drive, add a mouse or a keyboard, or add any other peripherals to the iPad.
  4. No Flash Player allowed.  You want to watch a video, play a game, or visit a website with the iPad?  Good luck because most sites now operate on Adobe Flash Player which cannot be used on the iPad.
  5. No keyboard.  We get the iPad – its all touch.  But have you ever tried to type on a flat surface and your text show up on that same flat surface?  The iPad is not made for writing.  So if you have emails to type and customers to respond to, you will not like this feature.  The Lenovo Tablet, on the other hand, has a keyboard that will flip under the screen when you just want to navigate around.

The AccuNet verdict is this: the iPad is not a good business device.  You may be wowed by the coolness of it at first, but the five shortcomings we listed will soon get to be a hindrance to your business.  If you are interested in a touch screen type devise, then we advice the Lenovo Tablet. This is a personal PC and a touchpad in one – see how it works here.


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