Rumors about FRx being discontinued?!

I have had two customers call me recently in a panic asking what they should do because FRx is being discontinued.  This is not true!

Here is the truth.  FRx is owned by Microsoft and it is also licensed for use by many competing accounting packages.  Microsoft is discontinuing FRx for the competitors to use.  Microsoft has released a new and improved version of FRx called Management Reporter for Dynamics.

FRx = Management Reporter

Microsoft is releasing Management Reporter with the new version of GP in the next month.  Microsoft will release the new version of Management Reporter with Version 8 of SL early next year. If your maintenance plan is current you get Management Reporter as part of the service plan.

The old version of FRx will still be around for three to four years and you can still use it with the new SL version 8.  There is a migration for all your reports from FRx to Management Reporter.  Management Reporter looks a lot like FRx, same rows, columns and trees but it is better.  Here are a few ways in which Management Reporting is better than its parent product FRx:

  • Management Reporter is directly connected to the SL database.  FRx is NOT directly tied to the SL database; instead FRx reporting is pulled from a database that is exported from the SL database.
  • This means, Management Reporter is FASTER, MORE ACCURATE, and MORE INSYNC than FRx.
  • Management Reporter improves Microsoft’s ability to add functionality for forecasting, budgeting, and business intelligence software.
  • This product is only available to Dynamics customers.

For those of you using FRx Forecaster the next release of Management Reporter will include an upgrade for Forecaster too. Since Dynamics users can use FRx for a long time to come, that is not a problem.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Mike Milligan 614-899-9900 x 119 and I will give you more detail information.


Mike Milligan


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