Aren’t You Glad You’re On ESET Instead of McAfee?!

Last week one of the major players in anti-virus software, McAfee made a HUGE mistake.  By huge, I mean they successfully disabled thousands, if not more, computers running Windows XP!

The problem resulted in blue screens, loss of network connectivity, inability to use USB, and continuous reboots, McAfee said.

Aren’t you glad you’re on ESET instead of McAfee?  AccuNet has been recommending ESET anti-virus to our customers. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 protects your business without creating system slowdowns that negatively impact productivity. It is effective against emerging malware and Internet threats as they are released, not hours or days later. Learn more by contact AccuNet here.

In fact, it was ESET that discovered that many Blackhat (bad guys) were creating SEO campaigns around people searching for news about the McAfee faulty update last week.  Those searching for more information about the issue will lead these unsuspecting victims to sites pushing rogue antivirus software!

We’re now seeing a fiercely concentrated Blackhat SEO campaigns exploiting the McAfee False Positive (FP) problem.

Get the right protection for your computer network.  Talk with AccuNet about ESET NOD32 – 614.899.9900 x 141 or here.


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