10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPad

We have had many customers ask us about the iPad in recent weeks – understandably considering all the press it is getting.  But while we think the advertising is cool, the useability of the iPad is not hot.  Here are the 10 reasons why iGeneration blogger Zack Wittacker won’t buy an iPad – we thought his reasons pretty universal…

1. You can’t type on a flat surface. Read more.

2. It breaks really easily. Read more.

3. Universities are not full prepared yet. Read more.

4. Content over 3G is disappointingly poor quality. Read more.

5. The glossy screen is awful to look at. Read more.

6. Reading e-books is tiring on the eyes. Read more.

7. Flash will never be supported. Read more.

8. Apple royally screws over developers. Read more.

9. Digital rights restrictions stifles innovation and application freedom. Read more.

10. Share and print? Probably not going to happen. Read more.

Read our old post called: “The iPad and Why Its Not Meant for Businesses.”


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