Office 2010 is here…in June

So there are some pretty sweet features of Office 2010 including the new design features in Word, the eye-popping charts and PowerPivot for Excel, and the ribbon interface on Outlook 2010.

Here is what Yardena Arar had to say on Business Advantage through Technology Blog:

Gone is the big and somewhat un­­gainly Office button that appeared in the upper-left of each window. Instead, clicking on the File tab now brings up a new window (called Backstage view) with a slew of options for creating, saving, sharing, and printing, as well as for accessing recent versions of the current document–or easily opening others via a handy list of recent documents. This window also leads you to menus for application-specific options.

In addition, Office 2010 introduces a nice little refinement to the most basic of all content-creation tasks, pasting material you’ve cut or copied. The new Live Preview for paste not only lets you opt to retain the source formatting, merge with destination formatting, or transfer text, but also allows you to see what your choice will look like before you commit to it–much the way the ribbon lets you try out formats by hovering your pointer over them.

The suite also now boasts some fairly sophisticated image- and video-editing tools that could, for many users, eliminate the need to process media with third-party applications before using them in Office documents.

For those who get TONS of emails, you are going to love the Conversation View in Outlook that cleans up and removes duplicate information.  Watch this video to find out more…

What’s New in Outlook 2010

What’s New in Excel 2010

What’s New in Word 2010


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