Integrated document management with Dynamics SL is finally here!

It seems I have been looking for a simple document management system for years that would allow our customers to scan in an invoice, apply an approval workflow and then attach it to a voucher and project in SL.  It is finally here! It is called PapersavePro. 

This easy to use system allows a receptionist or AP clerk to scan all the daily invoices into a shared network drive.  Once there the documents can be attached to pre-defined workflows, some standard overhead invoices may be processed immediately others may require the approval of an IT manager or Project Manager, while invoices over a certain dollar amount go to senior management.

The approval routing sends alerts to approvers and their supervisors if they stay on one person’s desk too long and reporting can show the status of all documents in the system.  Once approved it is attached to a voucher and searchable in SL forever and searchable by account, subaccount, vendor and project or by keywords within the document. 

Here are a few screen shots of PaperSavePro.

Invoice Workflow Queue

Closeup of the Workflow/Project ID Selection Pane

Voucher Approval Screen

The Cost of Paper!

Document management is a hidden cost that many businesses do not know they are incurring.  Here are some sample costs for your consideration.

  • It costs companies $20 in labor to file a document, $120 to find a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost document
  • It costs $25,000 to fill a 4 drawer lateral filing cabinet
  • It costs over $2,300 a year to maintain that same cabinet
  • Professionals spend 20-30% of their day filing, searching and retrieving information but only 5-15% of that time reading the document
  • The average document is copied 19 times in its life
  • The costs of office space has increased by 19%
  • The average time it takes to fax a document is 8 minutes
  • A single fax machine costs $6,200 per year to operate
  • The average costs to send a package between locations is $8 to $15
  • Documents are growing at a rate of 22% per year!

You can view Papersave on their website at  If you would like to have more information or see a demo of this product, please call Mike Milligan at 614-899-9900 x 119,


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