TG Daily Article: Dell shipped faulty PCs for years, court documents show

So for years AccuNet has warned our customers about the risks they take with buying Dell.  We’ve warned that they are not reliable because they constantly switch our manufacturers just to go to one with a cheaper part price.  Now this article shows some pretty damning information about how they treat their customers – concealing problems in machines from the customer.

You can read the full article here.  Here is an excerpt:

According to the [court] documents, shortly after problems started emerging, Dell was warned by a consultant that the machines were ten times as likely to fail as had been initially estimated by Dell. An internal Dell study also showed that PCs containing the suspect capacitors had a 97 percent fail rate.

But not only did the company not recall them, says the New York Times, sales staff were told to conceal the problems. Emails show them being told not to bring problems to customers’ attention.

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