Four reasons to quit using pre-printed checks

Save money – if you have several checking accounts and print more than 200 payroll or accounts payable checks per month then laser checks are less expensive than pre-printed checks after the first year.   Have you ever had to throw pre-printed checks away because an address, name change or bank information changed?  If you print your checks on demand, AP Laser Checks will insure that you never waste another check again. 

Flexibility – Do you have demanding needs for the quality and colors of your company logo, address information, or require two signatures on checks over a certain amount?  Since the check form is created in the built in Crystal report writer, you have unlimited control and flexibility on the look and design of your check stock.

Fraud prevention – Identity theft is a big problem but the traditional theft of blank check stock is still the most common way businesses lose money to theft.  A manual check does not show up in the accounting system automatically, you do not know about the theft until you get your statement.  If the only way you can cut a check is through the accounting system, you have added security and control.

Digitized signatures – improved security, access to signers and consistency improve the quality of one of the most frequent business documents produced by your company, checks.  

AccuNet recommends MaxQ’s AP/PR laser checks.  It uses familiar Solomon screens; AP/PR Laser Checks produces custom laser checks for an unlimited number of companies and bank accounts on blank check stock, including logos and digitized signatures.

Contact Steve Williams 614-899-9900 ext. 122 for more details and pricing.


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