Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Microsoft Dynamics SL


Microsoft Dynamics® SL is an ERP solution for mid-sized, project-driven organizations that is designed to meet the unique needs of professional services, operations, field services, U.S. government contractors, and construction management companies. Microsoft Dynamics SL helps you connect project management and accounting, streamline business processes, and deliver insight across your entire organization so that your projects are estimated correctly—and delivered on time and on budget.


1.    Manage your business—and projects—with greater flexibility

If you take a look around most businesses, you’ll find that projects are everywhere. The challenge? Most enterprise solutions aren’t designed to manage them; and, conversely, most industry-specific solutions lack the necessary accounting tools.

Microsoft Dynamics SL bridges this gap to deliver industry-leading core business functionality combined with robust accounting

capabilities—and the flexibility to meet the distinctive requirements of your business.


2.    Get started quickly with a familiar, role-based solution

Give people a solution they’ll want to use, and help your business thrive. Designed to work like and with Microsoft® Office products,

such as Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Excel®, or Microsoft Word, Microsoft Dynamics SL helps reduce training time and costs. People can get started right away using role-based menus, activity panes, and quick lists that make it easy to prioritize tasks. Enhanced search features let you find what you need by simply typing a few words, and provide a history of recently-viewed reports and screens.


3.    Connect project accounting to project management

Align your financials and processes by bringing together project accounting and project management—and maintain

projects from either solution. Two-way data integration between Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Project Server gives you

access to comprehensive project-based data, including resources, budgets, revenue, and allocations. Up-to-date information is mapped and kept current in both applications to help ensure accuracy and reduce duplicate data entry.


4.    Gain real-time access to key reporting data

With Microsoft Dynamics SL, you can go beyond basic reporting with a host of features designed to place the information you need

at your fingertips. Get a predefined, role based view of data by using Quick Query to filter, customize, or drill back to the original

transaction—and easily export to Microsoft Excel for further review. Transform your business strategies with quick access to

advanced analytics for project, distribution, and financial data, and make sure that data

is current with refreshable analytic cubes. You can also convert unwieldy volumes of data into concise, relevant information to

be shared across your organization with Microsoft SQL Server® Analysis Services.


5.    Support project-based processes in a new way

Project-driven organizations must meet a range of requirements for each job, including tracking costs, providing status updates, and

often submitting detailed billing data that is in compliance with complex regulatory and industry-specific requirements. Microsoft

Dynamics SL is designed to support the intricacies of these project-based requirements and processes—from financial

reporting, job costing, time and expense, and purchasing goods and services, to managing subcontractors, supervising the

workforce, and even winning new business.


6.    Tailor the solution to meet your needs

The fact is that no two businesses are alike. Microsoft Dynamics SL offers out-of-the-box functionality to meet your unique business and industry-specific needs—complete with built-in customization tools that make it flexible and easy to adapt without extensive development work. You can also integrate multiple data sources and applications using web services and the Microsoft .NET Framework.




7.    Empower remote employees with 24/7 web access

Keep people connected and help ensure that all your projects run smoothly with convenient, web-based access from any location, at any time. With the Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics SL, your employees can complete virtually any project-related task—from setting up projects and assigning resources to creating budgets, approving project transactions, and more—all via the web.


8.    Simplify access to compliance-related data

Make it easier to manage compliance-related business documentation online using Microsoft Dynamics SL. Quickly store and associate backup documents with a specific screen for future reference or to provide proof of receipt. You can also keep up with U.S. government contractor regulations by using the Government Contractor report to assist in Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) inspections.


9.    Share information across your company

Go digital and transform document management so that it’s easy to share data. Using a single, consolidated screen, you can

gain a comprehensive view of orders, requests, customer information, and more. Quickly store and share key documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping information using a Microsoft SharePoint® site—and eliminate paper piles and “silos” that hinder collaboration. With the ability to centralize data and store it in familiar formats—such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, and others—you can ensure that your data is easy to access.


10. Connect with innovative applications and technologies

Take advantage of the latest technology innovations with a web services architecture that leads to better performance and efficient

application integrations—both for your current systems and those you adopt in the future. With web services, you can align your sales, service, and back-office activities using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a solution that works with Microsoft Dynamics SL. You

can also take advantage of other Microsoft products, such as SQL Server, Windows, SharePoint, and Project Server. Your long-term investment is backed by Microsoft’s commitment to ongoing innovation with a 10-year support life cycle for each major product

release, as well as a rich Business Ready Enhancement Plan that includes unlimited online training, self-service support, and more.


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