2021 and Beyond: The Microsoft Dynamics SL Roadmap

2021 and Beyond: The Microsoft Dynamics SL Roadmap

Microsoft IS COMMITTED to your Microsoft Dynamics SL investment! 


Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP is scheduled to be released in Calendar H2 of 2012. The release marks continued investment in the Microsoft Dynamics SL product by:


  • Delivering business data visualization capabilities through Business Analyzer


  • Providing online coordination on reports with Lync communication support via Business Analyzer


  • Office 365 support


  • Enhancing the core financial and project series functionality



In 2014, Microsoft plans to release Microsoft Dynamics SL “9”. In this release, Microsoft will focus on:


  • Enhancing the compelling project and core functionality that is available in Microsoft Dynamics SL.


  • Continue to invest in creating web services to extend the solution that can be deployed both on premise and through partner hosting.


  • Aligning Microsoft Dynamics SL with new product releases across the Microsoft product portfolio, including Windows, Windows Server, and SQL Server.



Microsoft is committed to further enhancing Microsoft Dynamics SL. They have made a significant investment in new releases and scheduled upcoming releases. Microsoft is committed to a predictable release schedule that helps customers adopt and take advantage of the latest innovations at a reasonable pace. Going forward, Microsoft may also offer a minor release between major releases for one or more functional enhancements. This will help customers benefit from product enhancements between releases without the need to install multiple solutions.



The ambitions for Microsoft Dynamics SL extend well into the future, including the development plans that are required to support Microsoft’s business objectives. They will continue to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics SL has the appearance and behavior of other Microsoft products and works with Microsoft products and online services. Microsoft will continue to drive simplicity, value, and agility into all that we do.



Major releases of Microsoft Dynamics SL, such as Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, enjoy five years of mainstream support from the date that the version was first generally available. Mainstream support includes a commitment to provide security, tax, and regulatory changes. Beyond this five-year period, there is an additional five years of extended support. Please visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle page to learn more about what is available in each support phase.


For more information, see Microsoft Support Lifecycle.


The Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy is designed to ensure that you can secure the return on the investment that you make in implementing any individual release. We also want to be transparent and provide greater visibility of our commitment to individual product releases and key dates when these commitments change. This will help you develop your own version upgrade plans.




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