Is it time to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 2011?

By Michael Milligan

Are you currently on Dynamics version 7 or lower?  If so, it may be time to upgrade to Dynamics SL version 2011, provided that you are current on your existing maintenance plan.

Is your maintenance plan current?

One of the most common questions I receive from our customers is “why should I keep my maintenance plan current? 

Microsoft is rapidly integrating its accounting software with e-mail, web, office products, MS Project, Sharepoint, MS CRM and others.  These enhancements only come with the latest versions.  Even if you do not plan to change your accounting system significantly over the next couple of years, your operating system may change which can force you to upgrade.  Windows 7 workstations and 64 bit versions of the server and SQL may require newer version of Dynamics.  Any business that keeps their software current will get that new version free.

It costs less to update a little every two years or so than to do a major upgrade every five years. 

Reinstatement fees cost more than letting your service plan expire and then renewing it when you are forced to because of some business or application issue.

AccuNet cannot give a customer new updates that may fix a software issue or call Microsoft on your behalf if your plan is not current.  In many cases we simply will not be able to help you without a software patch or support from Microsoft.  Staying current helps us help you!

In summary the benefits for keeping your maintenance plan current are as follows: 

  • Product Updates and Service Packs – Receive all major releases, minor updates, and tax updates (With 1099’s and W-2’s changing on an annual basis, if you track 1099’s or have to produce W-2’s) for the product you currently own.
  • CustomerSource and Knowledge Base Access– Take advantage of a searchable technical database, discussion boards, news, a subscription service, and more. You can search error messages and download procedures on how to process year-end 1099’s and many other business processes.  CustomerSource will help you make better use of your system and make you a more independent user. 
  • Unlimited Online Training – Give your employees unlimited access to E-Learning, training manuals, and other productivity-enhancing tools.
  • Protected List Price – Minimize price fluctuations so you can more easily budget for your renewals.  Microsoft often runs promotions that give support plan customers significant discounts on training, additional modules and user packs.
  • Transition Investment Credits – Apply full license credit toward a move to any other Microsoft Dynamics Financial Management or Supply Chain Management solution.  If your maintenance plan is current and you decide you want to move to another Microsoft accounting product, AX, NAV, GP or SL, you get the retail value of your software towards another purchase.  Since these products have different feature sets, this helps protect your software investment should your business change or grow into different needs.
  • Professional Service Technical Library now included – The PSTL is a set of utilities that cost $295 to $995 each in the past; all these utilities are now free!  As long as your maintenance plan is current.  These utilities do database tasks like renaming or combining vendors, customers, or chart of accounts.

12 BENEFITS OF UPGRADING to Dynamics SL 2011:

  1. 1.      Networks and workstations are moving to 64bit operating systems – Windows 7, Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 and 2012 are all 64bit operating systems that require bigger hardware and SL 2011 is designed to utilize this additional hardware.  When you are considering upgrading from to the new SL 2011 make sure to involve your IT department or AccuNet to insure your servers and workstations are ready to go with this new powerful release of Dynamics SL 2011.
  1. Get more done in less time – Help people start the day right with new activity panes, role-based menus, and quick lists that make it easy to prioritize specific job tasks.


  1. Manage documents—and your general ledger—with ease – Transform document management and make it easy to share information with employees, customers, and vendors using Microsoft SharePoint® technology.


  1. Gain real-time access to key reporting data – Get over 50 predefined views of data using Quick Query to filter, customize, or drill back to a Microsoft Dynamics SL screen to view the original transaction—with the ability to save custom views.
  2. Adapt to change with greater flexibility – Help simplify compliance and keep up with U.S. government contractor regulations by allocating labor and item costs based on a period or date range.


  1. Empower remote workers with 24/7 web access – Keep projects moving forward by giving team members and managers convenient, web-based access from any location, any time.


  1. Link project management and accounting – Align processes and financials thanks to two-way data integration between Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and Microsoft Project Server 2010—and maintain projects from either solution.


  1. Bring together projects, purchasing, inventory, and order processing – Capture time and expenses earlier with automated project creation that begins as soon as you create a sales order.


  1. Get the most from web services and Microsoft technology innovations – Extend connections with a web services architecture that leads to better performance and efficient application integrations—both for your current systems and for those you adopt in the future.


  1. Fee-based revenue recognition based on cost plus a percentage of that cost
  • Project/GL reconciliation report
  • GC Report Bundle (Job Summary Report, Labor Hour Details and Cost Details, ODC Detail, Revenue Detail, Cost Summary, Revenue Summary, and Indirect Cost Analysis)
  • Automatic calculation of subcontract commitments
  • Enhanced rich client timecard reporting
  • Continued investments in Quick Query email and fax capabilities
  • Continued investments in DocShare automated document storage, including an SDK for adding new DocShare documents


  1. Access to the PTSL Library
  2. We have already upgraded dozens of companies to Dynamics SL 2011.   We are experienced and efficient with this task.

If you need any further information on your existing maintenance plan or would like an upgrade quote, Please contact Michael Milligan at 614-899-9900 ext. 119 or


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