Meet New AccuNet Developer, Adam Rhodes!

We are excited to announce the hiring of our latest Dynamics SL developer – Adam Rhodes!  Adam spent the last 4 years at a local software development company as a Senior Developer.  Before that, Adam was a development director for a Boston Massachusetts based web content Company for 3 years.  Adam will be a wonderful addition to AccuNet bringing a talented skill set of C#, WPF, WCF, SOAP, SQL, .NET, VB and ASP Development coding for AccuNet customers.  Adam’s role will be to create customizations that work for our customer’s Dynamics SL systems as well as consult on improvements to keeping your existing customizations working as best they can.

As you may have heard, AccuNet is committed to developing its own Investigator Billing customization for its contract research customers.  It’s a web based system that allows project managers to move subjects through a study and all the costs and billing milestones flow to Dynamics SL while keep the project manager informed on payments to subcontractors, milestones achieved and grant balances.  If you would like to automate or integrate another program or manual process with SL, we would like to talk to you!  Please contact Michael Milligan 614-899-9900 ext. 119 or


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