What’s New in SL 2011?

Date: Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 2:00pm. EST

Type: Webinar

What’s New in SL 2011?

Version 2011 of Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) has been out for over a year now. It is solid and has some significant improvements that may benefit your company. Todd Kuhns, head of consulting will present a 60 minute feature packed overview of what is new in Version 2011.

Most Exciting Features Include:

  • Hard Close: Added by module specific option
  • Quick Query
  • Management Report
  • DocShare – publish to Sharepoint
  • DocAttach
  • Easy export to Excel
  • Extended Access to information in Business Portal for Project data

SL 2011 new Features:

  • Role Based Menu’s
  • Work in multiple Companies at same time
  • Single login between companies
  • Business Analyzer (key metrics graphing)
  • Quick Query with ability to modify and add additional queries
  • Find Screen, Report and History of previous open screen with Search capabilities
  • Government Indirect Calculations and creations of multiple pools
  • Project Transaction Transfer
  • Microsoft Lync Connectivity (video, audio and chat capabilities)
  • Attachments

SL 7 New Features:

  • DocShare
  • Hard Close
  • Inquiry Screen sorting
  • Quick Send
  • Project bill to max
  • Government Contracting Reporting

Todd has implemented dozens of new SL implementations and upgrades so he can give you the real life experience of what you can expect from an upgrade.

We are encouraging all our customers to attend this free overview so you can evaluate the enhancements and decide for yourself if you should plan on an upgrade in the next year. Thanks for your continued business and trust!

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