Notice to all AccuNet Customers:


Recently there has been an abundance of emails going around that make an attempt to get you to download an infected attachment (usually in the form of a zip file). These fraudulent emails are usually in the form of some kind of E-Fax, UPS or Fed-Ex tracking, or solicitation emails.


If you receive one of these emails, please read carefully before downloading any attachments. Legit companies will never send you a Zip or Exe file as they are prone to infection on the internet.


If you just HAVE the email in your list, do not panic, just having it in queue will not hurt you it is only when you download the attachment. Also don’t ever hesitate to call our office if you are skeptical about an email like this.


If you notice a large number of these emails coming in please contact your technician and see if we can do anything for you in terms of Anti-Spam protection.


Thank you and have a great week!

AccuNet Network Services
Help Desk 614-568-2116


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