Windows XP is coming to End of Life Support April 2014. Are you ready?

Faced with the looming deadline for Microsoft’s official end of support for Windows XP, companies must migrate or risk their IT.

by Ricky Ribeiro posted Jan 02, 2014

In the classic 1980s and 1990s PC game Oregon Trail, pioneers risked life and limb as they made the hazardous journey from the Missouri River to the nirvana of Oregon’s lush, plentiful valleys. Along the way, if the migrants were unlucky, calamities would befall them.

Some were wracked with dysentery and others suffered from poisonous snakebites. But all of the hardships and heartache were worth it once the wagons reached their final destination.

In many ways, companies still operating on Windows XP face a similar migration. Instead of dysentery, though, IT workers fear the “Blue Screen of Death.” And rather than snakebites, IT staff fear application compatibility issues will bite them in unexpected places.

In honor of the pioneering spirit of the classic Oregon Trail game, BizTech has teamed up with illustrator Jude Buffum to create an infographic that offers companies 9 steps for successful Windows migration.

Check out the full infographic below.

Windows XP migration