Top 5 Best Practices to Prevent against Ransomware

  1. Current Anti-virus with Advanced Threat Protection & Web-Filtering
    • It is not enough to just have anti-virus running on your machines. Please ensure the AV is regularly getting Virus definition updates for known viruses as well as Advanced Heuristics to look for odd software coding and/or unknown variants of previous virus signatures known as “zero-day” malware. This can also be referred to as Advanced Threat Protection or APT blocker.
  1. A Business-Grade Firewall with Unified Threat Management
    • Home Wireless routers are seen far too often in today’s SMB environments are an easy gateway to pass through for Ransomware as well as various other malware and viruses. A true business-grade firewall should have the following services available to help prevent against malware, ransomware, and viruses: Anti-virus Gateway, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, Web Reputation, WebBlocker, SpamBlocker, Network Discovery, Data Loss Prevention, and/or Advanced Threat Protection.
  1. Current Microsoft and 3rd party software patching policies
    • Regular Operating System updates and commonly used application updates are part of a best practices effort to shore-up known vulnerabilities.
  1. Spam Filtering Service for any email
    • One of the main entry points for ransomware is via email. Most Spam filtering services contain variations of Anti-virus that will quarantine known anomalies and ensure that the known variants don’t make it to your user’s inboxes.
  1. Hybrid Data Backup Solution
    • Ensure you have a local and cloud data backup of your whole system and not just the necessary files. There are many products in the market that perform a local and cloud backup.

5*. Ongoing Cyber training for employees.

  • Ensure your employees are aware of certain threats that may be prevalent and what to look for before clicking on an email attachment or a mysterious link.

For any questions or IT needs please don’t hesitate to reach out to:

Brian Gorenflo   @ 614-568-2109 or


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