3 Rules of Thumb to consider when looking at new Internet Service

We have been in the IT space for over 27 years and have worked or “dealt” with just about any ISP. Throughout these years there are always a few pieces of the puzzle that the ISP leaves out of the order or gets lost in the provisioning of service or the install. Here’s a quick list to consider prior to ordering or installing Internet Service from a new provider.

1. If have or plan to use a network firewall, please request to the ISP prior to install that you  want a static IP and the modem needs to be setup in Passthrough or Bridge mode. This will ensure that all traffic is passing directly though the ISP’s modem to your network firewall or wireless router. It  will also ensure that any rules that are currently setup in your firewall and/or router will not be blocked by the ISP’s modem.

2. If you have a local exchange server/mail server you will need to request a reverse DNS record or PTR (Point To Record) for your mail. address for the new Static IP address the ISP is issuing for your new interne service. This will ensure that your mail doesn’t end up on a blacklist or greylist.

3. Ensure your IT support contact or company is listed on the ISP account as a technical contact. This will ensure that any  communications for the new service are received by your IT support. Any changes needed prior to the delivery of your new internet service can be caught ahead of time to ensure a smooth day of install and transition. This will also allow for quicker response  time from the ISP to your IT support and vice versa in the event of an outage or interruption after the installation.

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