Office 2010 is here…in June

So there are some pretty sweet features of Office 2010 including the new design features in Word, the eye-popping charts and PowerPivot for Excel, and the ribbon interface on Outlook 2010. Here is what Yardena Arar had to say on Business Advantage through Technology Blog: Gone is the big and somewhat un­­gainly Office button that…

How to Turn Off Pop Up Blocker

Many applications have pop ups you need to access.  Internet Explorer and Google Pop Up Blocker will prevent you from using these screens.  Watch this video from AccuNet’s Chris Tisdale to learn how to turn off pop up blocker on your Internet Explorer.

WatchGuard Video: Bud Has Mail – What Not To Do

Bud’s latest misadventure teaches him what can go wrong when he clicks on a malicious email. Even non-technical users can learn from Bud how to handle email more safely. Download and use this informative video as a tool in your security awareness campaign. Running time 9:34.  Click movie to start (this will open the WatchGuard…

WatchGuard Video: How Spyware Works

Scott Pinzon, CISSP, hosts interview clips where world-renowned Internet security experts explain how spyware works. Perfect for helping non-technical users understand the damage one errant click can cause. Running time 12:27

WatchGuard Video: Bud Logs In

Watch as hapless Bud makes every password mistake in the book! Shudder as he blunders through one near calamity after another. Chuckle at the painful familiarity of his plight. Will Bud ever succeed in his quest to LOG IN? Running time 7:41

WatchGuard Video: How Password Crackers Work

This video demonstrates an automated tool that hackers use when decrypting password files. Even non-technical users will understand how short passwords make a crook’s job easy, and why long passwords are stronger. Running time 9:03