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Windstorm reminds everyone about the importance of Disaster Recovery

On June 29th, 2012 at 5:15PM a brief but severe front came through the Midwest and in a span of under twenty minutes cut electricity, phone and data lines to millions of homes and businesses.  My business was one.  Fortunately

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ROI Moment – 80% Savings in Server Imaging Over New Server Installation

We’ve all experienced server hardware failure.  Its part of the game no matter how great a server you do have.  Server hardware goes out of date or out of warranty leaving you vulnerable.  Many clients look to purchase a new

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President’s Rant

 Business owners and managers today have to be efficiency experts. The balance of cost savers and money makers is never constant. We all read books like “Good to Great”, “Category of One” and “Right People on the Bus” that teach

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