How to Create A Workflow in CRM

Watch this video to learn how to create a workflow, particularly one that has to wait until a certain time or condition is met.

How to Add a Field in CRM

Ever want to customize CRM?  Add a field or modify a drop down?  Watch this video.  But remember, you must have customization rights to do this.

A Quick Way to Fill Out A Contact Record

Are you tired of re-writing all the same address and phone information for Contacts in CRM as their Account? Have you forgotten to associate a Contact to an Account? Watch this video to learn a simple tip to save you time and headaches.

The Outlook Interface

Check out this video that demonstrates the features and benefits of CRM’s integration with Microsoft Outlook!

Keep a Running List

Just a thought as I work on another CRM implementation… If you are a consultant who is doing several implementations or even if you are just installing this at your company, it’s always good to keep a list of the lessons learned throughout the installation and implementation process.  I have a running list of things…

Diving Into CRM!

Microsoft Dynamnics CRM is fun and exciting when you’re thinking about its possibilities for your sales and marketing efforts.  All the grand ideas begin to play out in your head about how you will use it to track sales, customers, cost per opportunity and so forth.  Thinking about CRM and its possibilities for your company is…