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3 Rules of Thumb to consider when looking at new Internet Service

We have been in the IT space for over 27 years and have worked or “dealt” with just about any ISP. Throughout these years there are always a few pieces of the puzzle that the ISP leaves out of the

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Top 5 Best Practices to Prevent against Ransomware

Current Anti-virus with Advanced Threat Protection & Web-Filtering It is not enough to just have anti-virus running on your machines. Please ensure the AV is regularly getting Virus definition updates for known viruses as well as Advanced Heuristics to look

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Microsoft bumps up security on IE after it earns title of “most exploited browser”

Original Story Debra Littlejohn Shinder on August 11, 2014 Last month, International Business Times reported that a study from Bromium Labs found that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the web browser most often targeted by attackers during the first half of

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Windows XP is coming to End of Life Support April 2014. Are you ready?

Faced with the looming deadline for Microsoft’s official end of support for Windows XP, companies must migrate or risk their IT. by Ricky Ribeiro posted Jan 02, 2014 In the classic 1980s and 1990s PC game Oregon Trail, pioneers risked life and limb as

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Failed Backups Endanger Revenue & Productivity

Failed backups endanger revenue and productivity NET-SECURITY.ORG 8 Hours Ago Failed backups endanger revenue and productivity SMBs are losing critical business information as a result of failed backups, and have suffered significant impacts as a result, according to GFI Software.

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7 things you can do to make Internet Explorer more secure

How well Internet Explorer—or any Web browser, for that matter—protects against attacks and malware greatly depends on whether you keep it up to date and have the right security settings. Here’s how to take the proper security measures with Internet

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Introducing Michael Mattox!

Michael Mattox joined our team in mid 2012 as a Network IT Consultant. Michael spent 10 years in the US Army as a Systems Administrator and Production Control specialist stationed in Germany for much of that time. Following his return

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